Monday, September 26, 2011

Granddads words

My children were to young to remember my dad, but my nieces were older and have memories of him.  Their J-Pa.  This piece of a story reminded me of him with them and I know he would have said in his own words the same thing.  His speech was one of the very first things to go, way before he even got farther along in the stages. So he couldn't tell us what he was feeling, so I think a lot got unnoticed.

"Is that the grandkids?? Hello my lovelies!! Your granddad is still here even though he's more grumpy these days not like he used to be. I've sat here for quite a while now and watched you all grow into your own persons.  I just want you to know how proud I am of you all.  I hear you asking grandma  "Why does granddad not speak anymore?"  And "Will granddad ever get better?"  I just want you to know that while you keep coming round and seeing grandma and me we appreciate it very much, even though I do sometimes jump a mile when you make a loud noise!  Don't worry, children are supposed to be noisy. (just don't tell your gran I said that)"

Now talking to his wife
"As I look around I see all the home made Easter Eggs are as beautiful as ever.  I am so pleased you have kept that tradition up, I wouldn't have liked it if you hadn't.  I haven't gone anywhere yet, I'm still here my love, you just can't hear me.  But when you talk to me so gently and look into my eyes I will blink two or three times just to show you I'm listening, or I will try anyway.  Just wanted you to know I am listening to what you say and love hearing the latest news from the family. "

- Norman McNamara

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